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Contact A Working Group

Working Groups support the local XR branch by performing various tasks from IT support, singing (choir), art (banner making etc) to Finance. Use the contacts below to contact the group you need.


We always need more help, so please reach out to any of the groups below if you think you have skills in that area or if you'd just like to give it a go. 

Outdoor Family Day

Welcome & Outreach


Senior Couple Meditating

Regenerative Culture and Wellbeing


Choir Class

Performing Arts - Choir



Media & Messaging


Environment Activists Protest

Actions, Strategy & Logistics

get an action planning template, asset list, chant ideas and guidance and support organising an action or recruitment event

Calculate Savings


Donations, bank account management.

Typing on Laptop


Access to tech tools and training in how to use them. Updates to the website.

Contact An Affinity Group

Affinity Groups (AGs) are civil disobedience support groups. They are made up of 8-12 people and are autonomous to do the actions they want to in the name of XR as long as they adhere to XR Principles and Values.


For more information, read this Affinity Group Welcome Pack

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